Let Axus group analyse your IT Ecosystem and assist you with your business outcomes

Information storage is just the beginning

Creating efficiencies and providing security as a service.

At AXUS we understand the application requirements and business benefits that clients are striving to achieve with cloud enabled environments. That’s why we work with clients in terms of understanding and or developing their cloud strategy initiatives. Alternatively it may be just to better optimise cloud solutions that provide a better optimised performance to their business.

Axus works with our customers to leverage cloud-computing solutions and cloud technology to enhance your IT infrastructure’s performance and data resilience. In addition, cloud technology enables you to reduce or even eliminate capital expenditure and improve ease of management.

Cloud Computing

Hosted services delivered via the internet are the future of business computing. When you use computer resource as a service, you can ditch bulky and expensive onsite physical infrastructure for good. Let Axus Group handle the care, maintenance and optimisation of your cloud computing so that you can focus on business.

About Cloud Computing

Virtual data centre

Instead of physical infrastructure, access your computing resources virtually and pay monthly. We take care of all the set-up, maintenance and security, giving you a seamless solution you can set and forget.


Your business deserves cloud computing that’s up to the task without having to pay for not-quite-right packages. We scale your cloud service to suit your business size and needs—nothing more, nothing less

Backup and data recovery

The backup and data recovery capacity of cloud computing is exceptional; something that today’s businesses can’t do without. Cloud computing gives you backup and data recovery far superior to anything you could do yourself.


Moving your communications to the cloud gives you a reliable, seamless and cost-effective service that your team will love. We’ll give you a tailored cloud communications package combining your choice of VoIP telephony, video conferencing, instant messenger and more.

For dependable communications services, you can trust, choose AXUS GROUP for your voice & data service provider.

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